5 Dress Codes Decoded

August 3rd, 2016

Have you ever received an invitation to a wedding or an event but can’t quite seem to decode the dress code? Either the host must have it wrong or you just aren’t clear as to what’s expected.

Here are five dress codes decoded:

1.White Tie

White Tie is as formal as it gets. Most of us won’t receive an invitation to a white tie affair in our lifetime, but if you happen to be among the lucky few, you’re going to need to whip out your gloves and gowns. This dress code leaves little room for personal interpretation, making it imperative that you follow the guidelines strictly. Gents, you’ll need a black tailcoat jacket with matching trousers, full white waistcoat, wing-tipped collared dress shirt, self-tied white bow tie, patent leather dress shoes and white gloves for dancing. Ladies, you’ll be shopping for a full-length ball gown to be paired with glamorous makeup, jewelry and hair.

2. Black Tie

Black Tie is typically reserved for evening events and is the most formal dress code you’ll likely face when being invited to a wedding (unless you’re one of those special people who attend white tie affairs). For women, it’s customary to wear floor-length gowns, but if you don’t own one, it’s perfectly acceptable to wear a chic cocktail dress as long as it’s not too short or too revealing. Men should wear a tuxedo, white dress shirt, waistcoat, black bow tie and black dress shoes.

3. Black Tie Optional

Black Tie Optional is one of the more confusing dress codes you’ll see listed. Our rule of thumb is that if the host has gone to the trouble of putting it on the invite, they’re likely hoping you’ll conform. However, the dress code typically applies to men who may or may not own or want to wear a tuxedo. If that’s you, opt for a dark suit and tie. For women, it means you have the option of wearing a full-length gown or opting for a cocktail dress.

4. Cocktail

This is the most popular of formal dress codes. It’s still formal but leaves a little room for creativity and indicates that the event is going to be classy but a little less stuffy. Traditionally, women would opt for a knee length dress but you can definitely go a bit shorter, as long as you keep it classy. The dress should be elegant but not too formal and not too casual (no sun dresses!). Men should be in dark coloured suits but can sport a patterned tie and coloured socks with a pair of well-shined brogues, oxfords or monk-straps.

5. Beach Casual

Just because it says ‘casual’, doesn’t mean you can roll off your lounger and into the ceremony chair. It’s still a wedding and it’s highly likely that the couple have put thought and energy into how they’re going to look, so you should too. This dress code calls for punchy hued or printed mid to floor length sun dresses for the ladies paired with a dressy sandal or wedge for ease of walking. Gentlemen, try a pair of light coloured and lightweight pants with a short sleeved button-up or cotton polo and slip on shoes (no flip flops!).

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5 Considerations For An Outdoor Wedding

July 26th, 2016

Outdoor weddings are amongst some of the most beautiful, and when you live in such a picturesque city like Vancouver, there are so many reasons to take advantage of your natural surroundings. On the flip side, living in a city like Vancouver means that rain is a possibility on almost any day of the year and before you plan your dream outdoor nuptials, there are a few things you should consider.

1. Have a Rain Plan

If your ceremony or reception are planned for a location without any cover, you should have a rain plan in place. Whether you watch the forecast a week out and have tents on standby or have a building nearby that you can use instead, make sure you have a plan and make sure it’s well thought out. Your rain plan may involve a different floorplan due to space constraints or configuration, in which case you’ll need a backup seating chart on hand. This may seem like a lot of unnecessary work but you’ll be so glad you did it if Plan B becomes reality.

2. Like Your Rain Plan

Having a rain plan is one thing, but if you don’t like your rain plan, you might end up unhappy. Obviously, we always hope that the weather cooperates and that the wedding can proceed as planned, but if you have to move into a backup space, we recommend choosing an option that you’re happy with, or at least one that you don’t hate. Keep in mind that there will be lots of photos taken in that space and it’s the space you will spend your day in. It should be something that you won’t look back on with disdain.

3. Keep Your Guests Warm

Even during the warm Summer months, once that sun goes down, it can get pretty chilly, especially for the girls in sleeveless dresses. Consider reminding guests to bring a sweater or jacket so that they don’t freeze. We also suggest adding a few stand-up heaters and a basket of blankets for guests to grab as needed.  

4. Keep The Bugs At Bay

There are few things more annoying than sitting down to eat dinner, only to be attacked by mosquitoes. Be sure to include a few bug spray stations throughout your wedding site so that your guests can dance the night away with their legs in tact.

5. Consider Noise Restrictions

If your venue is in the middle of nowhere, there’s no need to worry about this one, but if you’re planning on blasting the tunes into the wee hours and there are houses a stone’s throw away, you’ll need to consider noise restrictions. We advise looking into this one so that you know when things need to be shut down and you don’t end up having to end the party unexpectedly.


5 Wedding Traditions Explained

July 18th, 2016

Have you ever stopped and wondered why weddings are the way they are? Most of us simply go through the motions of choosing our bridesmaids, finding the perfect white dress and gushing over the flowers we’ll carry down the aisle. But where did these traditions we follow so blindly come from?

Here’s some insight into five wedding traditions:

1. Bridesmaids

A custom existed where maidens, who were dressed similarly to the bride, would accompany her as a form of protection on the way to the groom’s village. The goal was to deter rejected suitors from kidnapping her or stealing her dowery. It was also Roman law that several witnesses accompany the bride and groom in an effort to confuse evil spirits from trying to interfere with the couple.

2. Groomsmen

A popular ‘groomsmen myth’ comes from a more primitive time when men kidnapped their brides. When women were in short supply locally, eligible bachelors would have to sneak out and capture a bride from a neighbouring community. The groomsmen, known as ‘bride-knights’ would help their friend capture his bride.

3. White Wedding Dress

Queen Victoria wore a white dress for her wedding in 1840 and started the trend. Before Queen V’s time, brides would simply choose the nicest dress in their closet. In fact, before white dresses became the norm, blue was the traditional colour choice, representing purity (as white does today).

4. Bride’s Bouquet

And you thought it was just because flowers are pretty! The bouquet originates from ancient times when women carried aromatic bunches of garlic, herbs and spices to ward off evil spirits. Each herb and spice meant something different. Later, flowers replaced herbs and took on meanings of their own.

5. Groom on the right, Bride on the left

Back in the day, it used to be a lot more common for people to object to the wedding. The groom historically stood to the right of the bride to keep his sword hand free. If anyone threatened attack, the groom would push the bride aside with his left hand and draw his sword with his right.

And there you have it, some interesting tidbits that explain (kind of) why we do the things we do when it comes to weddings.

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5 Things You Should Never Ask Of Your Bridesmaids

July 12th, 2016

Sure, you’re the bride and it’s your day, but that doesn’t mean you get to call all the shots, especially as they pertain to your bridal party. The women you choose as bridesmaids are most likely your very best friends and family who you love and respect unconditionally. And, let’s be real, no bride wants to be perceived as a “bridezilla.”

Here are five things you should never ask of your bridesmaids (as seen on Vanity Buzz):

1. To spend a ridiculous amount of money

By now you should know your bridal party fairly well and have a pretty good idea of what they would consider an affordable amount to spend on a dress, hair styling and makeup. An alternate solution is to foot the bill yourself or to contribute half to make the expense a little more palatable. Another trend that works well for less formal affairs is to let your bridesmaids buy their own dresses that fit within your wedding colour palette and give them the option to do their own hair and makeup. This way each bridesmaid has control over their own spending and you’ll have less coordination to do overall.

2. To lose or gain weight

This is a non-negotiable. You love your friends and family for who they are, so why should it be any different when it’s your wedding day? You may have your heart set on a particular dress for your bridesmaids, but if it’s not a dress that works with all their body types, move on. Or refer to #1 above and consider letting your bridal party choose their own dresses that flatter their own unique shape and that they feel comfortable in. They’ll thank you for it.

3. To give you veto power over haircuts or other appearance changes

Requesting that your bridal party wear a certain colour or style of dress on your big day is one thing but asking that they not cut their hair two months before the wedding is crossing the line. Remind yourself that asks of your wedding party should be reserved only for the one day. If one of your bridesmaids’ hair now isn’t long enough to accommodate that fishtail braid, get her some extensions, easy peasy.

4. For a specific stagette or bridal party

It’s not your place to tell your bridal party what kind of stagette or bridal party to plan for you. If they’re your good friends and family, chances are they’re going to plan a party that you’re going to enjoy, so trust them to do it right. And if you don’t get to go to that pole dancing class that you were hoping to, there will be other opportunities. Plan to go for a future girls night, just because.

5. To speak at your wedding if they’re not comfortable

Sure it would be nice to have your maid of honour and even a few of your bridesmaids give a speech at your wedding, but if they’re really not comfortable this isn’t something you should force. Generally there should be enough family and friends that are more than happy to speak at your wedding who will probably deliver a better speech anyway.

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Rose Quartz & Serenity

July 5th, 2016

For the first time ever, Pantone introduced two shades as this year’s PANTONE Colours of the Year 2016: Rose Quartz and Serenity. The first is a common tone in the wedding world that emanates a romantic softness and the second connotes a weightless, airy effect like the expanse of the blue sky bringing a feeling of relaxation even in crazy turbulent times. The combination of the two equals the most dreamy wedding colour palette we’ve ever seen! Here is some of our favourite inspiration to feast your eyes on.


{ Images: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 }

Emma & Chris

June 27th, 2016

The Team:

Venue: Zajac Ranch for Children

Photography: Matt Kennedy

Videographer: Michael Holbrook

Month-of Planning & Decor Styling: Best Day Ever Creative Events

Makeup: Jasmine Hoffman

Hair: Hair by Brands

Cake: Sweet Thea

Music: DJ Chelsea

Officiant: Rob Buzza


Melanie & Nick

June 20th, 2016

The Team:

Venues: Holy Rosary Cathedral, Vancouver & Diamond Alumni Centre, SFU, Burnaby

Photography: Christie Graham Photography

Month-of Planning: Best Day Ever Creative Events

Makeup/Hair: Tori Blush 

Florals: Blumen Floral Boutique

Decor: Absolute Events & Rentals

Cake: Michaela Kuzma

Music: DJ Trizzak

Photo Booth: Image Cube

Transportation: Big City Limos

The Secret Garden Reinvented

June 13th, 2016

The Team:

Venue: Brix Restaurant

Photography: Blush Wedding Photography

Planning & Production: Best Day Ever Creative Events

Makeup/Hair & Co-Production: Fancy Face Inc.

Dress: Blush Bridal

Jewelry: Elsa Corsi

Florals: Celsia Florist

Décor: Eclat Décor

Vintage Décor: Bespoke Décor

Stationery: Love by Phoebe

Cake: Cake by Nicole


5 Bridal Style Trends You Need to Know About

July 12th, 2015

Wedding trends are often inspired from the everyday world we live in and we love it when brides and grooms embrace new ideas and challenge tradition.

As wedding planners and event stylists, we’re always looking out for trends in wedding fashion, beauty, catering, decor and event design. So without further adieu here’s our top 5 bridal style trends (as seen on Vancity Buzz):

1. Two-piece Gowns

By now we’ve all noticed that the crop top has arrived and it’s here to stay. But what about the bridal crop top? It’s definitely daring, and without a doubt makes a statement. This look works best when you opt to show skin just below your rib cage but above the belly button. If you aren’t comfortable showing a little skin, you can always opt for a two piece ensemble that covers a little more. If you ask us, we’d crop it like it’s hot!

2. White Bridesmaid Dresses

We’ve recently seen brides break the taboo that white is reserved only for the bride and request that their own bridal party wear white too. Both Kate Middleton and Kim Kardashian had their sisters don white on their wedding days and brides everywhere are following suit. We think the look is fresh and feminine and works best when each maid wears a different style and incorporates a mix of fabrics and textures; think lace, cotton, silk and so on. We don’t even mind varying shades of white across the party line.

3. Ear Cuffs

It’s been the celebrity accessory of choice at recent award shows and now it’s a bridal statement piece. The coveted ear cuff is replacing the more traditional dangly earring or sparkly stud. From edgy to boho to eclectic glam, the ear cuff surprisingly complements many different bridal looks and frankly we’re obsessed with this new piece of ear candy.

4. Ponytails

We think the Fifty Shades of Grey star, Dakota Johnson nailed it at the Oscar’s with her perfect ponytail. Depending on your bridal look, a simple pretty ponytail might just be better than a fussy up-do. Dressing up a ponytail is all in the styling. We suggest teasing the top of the hair to give it height and hiding the elastic is an absolute must. It’s important that the ponytail looks sophisticated and well…intentional; you don’t want to look like you just walked off the volleyball court!

5. Flash Tattoos

These temporary metallic tattoos have recently hit the scene as the go-to accessory for festivals, beach vacations and pool parties, but now we’re seeing the trend seep into weddings too. We absolutely love this look in place of or in addition to minimalist jewelry and adore its often henna-like aesthetic. Flash tattoos are easy to apply, wash off and add the perfect amount of shimmer and edge to your look. Although perfect for the boho or rocker bride, we think they can also be applied more subtly and fit within any bridal style.

{ Images: 1, 2, 3 }

5 Wedding Food Trends That Really Take The Cake

July 3rd, 2015

We’ve rounded up the top wedding food trends that brides and grooms should pay attention to (as seen on Vancity Buzz):

1. Family Style

Considering a buffet? Scratch it! Family style dining is the new casual dining solution. Although a small wait staff is still needed to serve your meal, family style eating is less expensive than individually plated meals, provides a casual, inclusive atmosphere and your guests get to skip the buffet line. You’ll get to choose a few of your favourite dishes to serve to your guests and they’ll get to take what they want and leave what they don’t, a win win in our book!

2. Tasting Stations

Looking to skip the sit-down thing altogether? Tasting stations are a great solution and just happen to be oh-so-trendy right now. Think mac & cheese in one corner, make your own tacos in another, a food truck at the curb and a donut bar for dessert. Tasting stations are perfect for the couple who prefer a cocktail style reception but still want to feed their guests substantially and provide something a little different for them to do while they’re there.

3. Farm-To-Table

We’re sure you’ve heard about farm-to-table fare by now, it has been buzzing around the foodie world for a while after all, but have you considered this approach for your wedding cuisine? If you like fresh, local, in-season foods (and who doesn’t?), farm-to-table is for you. This approach is perfect for an outdoor Summer wedding at a farm or in your own backyard.

4. Mini Everything

They say bigger is better, but that’s certainly not the case when it comes to your wedding menu. Plus, we think food looks so much better in small packages. Why eat an entire burger when you can have a mini one and then move on to a shepherd’s pie in a mason jar followed by fish and chips in a newspaper cone? The mini food idea mirrors that of tasting stations, however it takes a less ‘made in the moment’ approach and can either be self or wait staff served. This option definitely leaves a lot of room to be creative and play with your food. Shhh…don’t tell mom!

 5. Craft Beer

The craft beer craze has earned beer a new level of respect, moving it from the sports bar to the dining room. Gone are the days of only needing to worry about having the perfect red and white wine on your wedding menu, you now need to consider the beer connoisseur as well. And don’t think you can stop at what’s on tap; locally-brewed beers are the star of the show and we think add a lot of personality and ‘cool factor’ to any event.

{ Images: 1, 2, 3 }

Donut Mind If I Do

June 22nd, 2015

Donuts have been trending at wedding dessert bars lately which made us think about the many different ways donuts can delight wedding guests:

1. If you’re a big fan of the donut, then go big and deck out your wedding cake. Trust us, this is a pretty unique idea and perfect for a more casual backyard or camp wedding.

2. If you’re looking to provide guests a midnight snack but cookies just aren’t your thing, opt for mini donuts instead. Your guests will thank you.

3. If you need a fun favour idea, look no further than a donut in a well designed brown paper bag. It makes a nice late night snack or takeaway for your guests.

4. If you want to spice up cocktail hour, why not please guests with some grab and go cones of mini donuts! Kids and big kids alike will be all over them.

5. If you need a fun and simple addition to a DIY dessert bar, then these donut hole skewers will likely fit the bill. They’re easy to eat and you’ll get extra points for presentation.

Would you incorporate donuts into your wedding day? Donut mind if you do.


{ Images: 1 – source unknown, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 }

Ailee & Gary

June 4th, 2015

The Team:

Venue: Nita Lake Lodge

Planning & Design: Best Day Ever Creative Events

Photography: Christie Graham Photography

Videography: Velour Productions (watch the video here)

Florist: Celsia Floral

Stationery: Love by Phoebe

Hair & Makeup: Jayna Marie Makeup & Hair

Cake: Cake by Nicole

Officiant: Tracy Kerr

Decor Rentals: Bespoke Decor & Delovely Creative




Karoline & Sean

May 21st, 2015

The Team:

Venue: Private Residence, Vancouver, BC

Day-of Planning & Styling: Best Day Ever Creative Events

Photography: Ronnie Lee Hill 

Videographer: Momento Films

Caterer: Savoury City & Nice Pops 

Hair & Makeup: The Studio by Mika

Decor: A&B Partytime Rentals, The Balloon Shop, Phoenix Tent & Event Solutions & Big Love Ball

Florist: Celsia Floral & Yew Street Florist

Ceremony Musicians: Diane Cruz 

DJ: Simon Wong

Officiant: Jane Dardi

Transportation: Tommy LimoParamount Limousines 

Stephanie & Ricardo

May 10th, 2015

The Team:

Venue: Brix

Month-of Planning & Stationery: Best Day Ever Creative Events

Photography: Dallas Kolotylo Photography

Flowers & Decor: Flowerz

Hair & Makeup: Jayna Marie Makeup & Hair

Cake: Sweet Bake Shop

DJ: DJ Trizzak

Transportation: Vintage Limousines

Photobooth: Chic Photobooth

Officiant: Brent Sheppard, Hey Rev

Meaghan & Tret

May 1st, 2015

The Team:

Venue: Camp Fircom

Planning: Best Day Ever Creative Events

Photography: Let’s Get Lost (Tristan Casey)

Flowers: Olla Flowers & Camp Fircom

Decor Rentals: Delovely Creative

Hair: Victoria Kuzma & Sarah Rankine

Makeup: Brandy Svendon

DJ: Can I Live (DJ Sol)

Officiant: Laurie

The Bridal Pantsuit

April 26th, 2015

Amal Clooney wore one to her wedding ceremony in Venice and Solange Knowles rocked it during her New Orleans nuptials; we’re talking about the bridal pantsuit! While we doubt the pantsuit will overtake the dress in popularity any time soon, we happen to think it’s quite refreshing and absolutely love its edgy feel. Brides can either opt to keep the look super simple and clean, or glam it up with a beaded top half or even the addition of a partial skirt. Whichever way you go, one thing is clear, you have to have killer shoes! No longer hidden under layers of tulle, your shoes will be seen and therefore must be fabulous.

What do you think ladies, would you rock the pantsuit on your big day? A bride who would is one after our own hearts.


{ Images: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 }

Belt It

April 16th, 2015

Sometimes the perfect finishing touch to a wedding gown (especially one that’s simple) is a beautiful bridal belt. Some brides are not fans of glitz (we get it, there’s always that fear of looking like a disco ball).  Though, it’s safe to say that a bridal belt adds just the right amount of sparkle and it’s a great way to tie in your wedding jewelry too. Here some bridal belt options that are Best Day Ever approved:

1) Antique Crystal Decadence: This silk belt from Twigs & Honey features hand sewn crystals in gray, silver and clear colouring.

2) Crystalline Beaded Leaves: This organza belt from J. Crew boasts intricate 1920’s inspired beadwork including bugle beads, rhinestones and thousands of the tiniest seed beads.

3) Alba Bridal Belt: This satin belt from Millieicaro is made from pearls and mounted swarovski crystals in off white and silver emanating an old Hollywood glamour feel.

4) Albertina Sash: This belt, a BHLDN exclusive is inspired by Art Deco, featuring a beaded geometric motif.


4 Ways To Incorporate Settees

April 10th, 2015

We love a beautiful settee and with so many ways to incorporate them into your wedding aesthetic, we really don’t think your big day should pass by without one. Plus, they’re a dream to style and photograph. Here are 4 ways to incorporate a settee into your wedding:

1) Ceremony Seating: How beautiful (not to mention comfortable) is the inclusion of scattered settees throughout your ceremony seating? Mix them in among your standard ceremony chairs or, if you can only spring for a couple, put them up front so that your family feel like the true VIPs they are.

2) Bride & Groom Reception Seating: Re-purpose your ceremony settees or just rent one and include it at the head table as the bride and groom’s throne.

3) Photo Op: There’s no better prop than a settee. From detail shots of your dress and shoes to a spot for styled photos of the newlyweds, you can’t go wrong.

4) Lounge Seating: As hard as it is to believe, not everyone wants to end the night with dancing, and some guests aren’t as mobile as others (due to age, high heels, or the open bar just to name a few). We love the inclusion of lounge seating at a wedding reception. Place the area near the dance floor so that guests can still be part of the fun or outside so that there’s somewhere to go when fresh air is the priority.


{ Images: 1, 2, 3, 4 }

Easter Eggs – 7 Ways

April 1st, 2015

Easter egg decorating has come a long way from the basic dip dye kits! There’s so many innovative ideas floating out there on Pinterest that it warranted putting together a post with some of our favourites:

1. Gold Leaf – Take your decorating up a notch with a touch of metallic.

2. Polka Dot Thumb Tacks – Adding fancy hardware has never been so simple.

3. Washi Tape – Pretty, glue free and easy to apply.

4. Earthy Motifs – All you need is a white pen and some organic beauties.

5. Confetti Dip – Half pastel, half party, what’s not to love.

6. Nail Polish Marble – Put your old polish to good use.

7. Sharpi Design – Go mod and don’t look further than a sharpi.

Have a great Easter weekend!


Rose Gold

March 26th, 2015

Move over silver and gold, rose gold wants your spot as the leading metallic in town! We’ve talked a lot about style trends lately (a new wedding season will do that to you), and the list isn’t complete without the addition of rose gold. Blush was huge last year, but rose gold has emerged as the favoured of the pink hues. Bringing to the table the sophistication and luxe of gold, but adding that edgy side, we love this tone for decor, dresses and definitely rings!

2015 sure looks rosy!

{ Images: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 }

Mint Madness

March 19th, 2015

Despite St. Patty’s Day being over and done with, we still have green on the brain! Mint was a big trend over the last few wedding seasons and we’re still getting requests for it. There’s something so fresh and airy about mint that makes it the perfect colour choice for a Spring or Summer wedding soiree. Today’s inspiration highlights how we’d infuse a little mint into wedding decor, bridal style and even a signature drink.

Tell us, do you go mad for mint?


{ Images: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 }

Angela & Will

March 13th, 2015

The Team:

Ceremony Venue: Burnaby Art Gallery

Reception Venue: The Roundhouse

Month-of Planning: Best Day Ever Creative Events

Photography: The Nickersons

Videography: Mecca Creative

Hair: Jen Mathison – Katie Elwood Makeup Artistry

Makeup: Katie Elwood – Katie Elwood Makeup Artistry

Florist: Kathy Hollett (Groom’s Mom)

Caterer: Louis Gervais Fine Foods

DJ: Girl On Wax Productions

Officiant: Grace Fatkin

Transportation: Van Limo

Flower Crush: King Protea

March 5th, 2015

We have a major flower crush! The King Protea, South Africa’s national flower and an absolute beauty of a statement piece is popping up more and more in wedding bouquets and arrangements and we just can’t stop starring. We love the impact this single flower gives and can’t wait for a client to rock up with a Protea request. Because you don’t see this gem a lot in the northern hemisphere, we think it would make any bouquet extra drool worthy.

So ladies, Proteas?


{ Images: 1, 2, 3, 4 }

Jennifer & Ben

March 3rd, 2015

We had a blast helping Jennifer & Ben with their planning last Fall and bringing their “Italian vineyard” meets “west-coast” wedding vision to life. The couple went with a neutral colour palette of whites and creams and we brought in greenery wherever possible; hanging garlands and greenery chandelier plus a magnolia leaf at ever place setting. These two are beautiful inside and out and took extra time thinking about how to make their big day special for friends and family. They even took the time to hand write personalized notes to every one of their guests in each place card. The “breaking of the glass” Jewish tradition along with the  lifting of the bride & groom on their chairs for the traditional “Jewish wedding dance” were also incorporated as a nod to Ben’s side of the family. The night was topped off with a hookah lounge and ice cream sundae bar for guests to enjoy post dinner. We couldn’t think of a better way to conclude the Best Day Ever!



The Team:

Venue: Cecil Green Park House, Vancouver, BC

Planning: Best Day Ever Creative Events

Photography: Rebecca Amber Photography

Hair: Funkd Hair

Makeup: Megan Bewick 

Decor: Delovely Creative & Pedersen’s

Florist: Delovely Creative

Caterer: Westcadia Catering

Dessert: Earnest Ice Cream

DJ: Hot Wax

Officiant: Cory Dueck, Young Hip & Married

Transportation: Paramount Limousine 

Epic DIYs

February 26th, 2015

We love a good DIY, but when we say ‘good’, we mean good. There’s nothing worse than a DIY gone wrong; we’ve all seen those Pinterest fails, and nothing good ever comes from something that you can tell was made at home because you didn’t have the money to have it done professionally. If it’s going to look hokey, we say skip it!

Now, we aren’t saying all of this to squash the merit of doing it yourself, we just want to make sure that if you’re going to take on a project, you have the tools and ability to do it properly. And so, in the spirit of doing it yourself the right way, we’ve rounded up four DIYs that we think are pretty epic. These aren’t for the faint of heart, so make sure you’re fully invested, but if you can tackle these and make them look as good as they do in the photos, you’ll wish each compliment you’re going to receive was a dolla dolla bill y’all!

Click the image links below for full instructions. Happy DIY’ing!


{ Images: 1, 2, 3, 4 }


Veronica & Craig

February 24th, 2015

It was such a pleasure helping Veronica & Craig out with their big day this last Fall. They’re such an easy going couple and just wanted their day to feel like them. With a palette of pink, blush and grey set against one of the oldest buildings in Vancouver; the iconic Heritage Hall (originally a post office built in 1915), this couple had “vintage” dialed in. Veronica and her family created all the centrepieces themselves which consisted of wildflowers in mason jars (no two arrangements were alike) and guest favours were homemade jam packed with pretty fabric which added a personalized family touch.  We hope these two had the Best Day Ever, they deserve it!



The Team:

Venue: Heritage Hall, East Vancouver, BC

Day-of Planning & Styling: Best Day Ever Creative Events

Photography: Butterfly Photography

Hair & Makeup: Melissa – Heartbreaker SalonFaye Smith Makeup

Catering: Fiesta Creative Catering

Cake: Isabel Ferreras

Florist: Celsia Florist

Officiant: Kerry Child

Ceremony Guitarist: Jonathan Zylberberg

Transportation: Paramount Limo 

Two Pieces Are Better Than One

February 19th, 2015

We’ve mentioned our love for two piece bridal attire before, specifically our adoration for the crop top but we just can’t get enough. Even if you aren’t comfortable showing a little skin (although we think the crop top look is flattering on most body types), you can still opt for a two piece ensemble that covers a little more. We just love the extra detail and fashion forward feeling that a skirt and top can bring to a bridal look. Sometimes two pieces are just better than one!


{ Images: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 – source unknown }

Modern Pastel Wedding Cakes

February 17th, 2015

With Spring just around the corner, this has us thinking about light airy colour palettes and our new found love for pastels. They may have a connotation of being old-fashioned, boring and flat but the pastels that we see trending in 2015, are anything but. From bridesmaid dresses, to decor and wedding cakes, pastels are getting a fresh update and we can’t get enough of their new reinvention. Pastel cakes can be modernized by adding metallic accents and trending patterns and motifs such as aztec inspired triangle designs. Unique cake embellishments like feathers, air plants and fresh herb wreaths also add modern appeal.

We hope this inspires a few pastel palettes this Spring season!


{ Images: 1 – source unknown, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 }

Flash Tattoos

February 11th, 2015

Get your 2015 wedding trend list out and add Flash Tattoos! The original innovative jewelry-inspired temporary metallic tattoos have recently hit the scene as the go-to accessory for festivals, beach vacations, concerts and pool parties, but now we’re seeing the trend seep into weddings too. We absolutely love this look in place of or in addition to minimalist jewelry and adore its often henna-like aesthetic. Flash tattoos are easy to apply, wash off and add the perfect amount of shimmer and edge to your look. Although perfect for the boho or rocker bride, we think they can also be applied more subtly and fit within any bridal style.

Would you sport the Flash Tattoo look on your big day? We sure hope so!


{ Images: 1, 2, 3 – source unknown, 4, 5 – source unknown, 6 }

Sahar & Sean

February 5th, 2015

Sahar & Sean’s wedding took place at the beautiful Hycroft Manor, from start to finish. This heritage Shaughnessy gem is packed full of character and gorgeous vignettes (our favourite is the grand Terrace where Sahar & Sean said their vows). From Sahar’s beautiful long sleeve lace gown and a white vintage limo to a ballroom filled with white orchids, candelabras and gold accents,  a vision of timeless elegance was carried throughout. The night was topped off with entertainment by a group of Persian dancers and some very loving words said by the groom to his beautiful bride, in front of all their family and friends.

We hope you enjoy the photos & video that captures it all!



The Team:

Venue: Hycroft Manor, Vancouver, BC

Day-of Planning & Styling: Best Day Ever Creative Events

Photography: Pure White Studio 

Videography: We Film Weddings

Hair & Makeup: Jayna Marie 

Decor: Eclat Decor & Pedersen’s

Cake: Kien & Sweet

Florist: Tala Florist 

Ceremony Musicians: Musical Occasions

Entertainment: Amed Dance Academy

Officiant: Doug Cameron

Transportation: Vintage Limousines

Ear Cuffs Go Bridal

January 27th, 2015

It’s been the celebrity accessory of choice at recent award shows and now it’s a bridal statement piece. That’s right, the coveted ear cuff is trending on bridal runways. From edgy to boho to eclectic glam, the ear cuff can be done many ways depending on your wedding day style and frankly we’re obsessed with this look.

Is this ear candy you can get on board with? We know we can!


{ Images: 1, 2, 3 – source unknown, 4 }

Fringe Benefits

January 22nd, 2015

Fringe! It’s playful, fun and gives a nod to 1920’s glamour; what’s there not to love? We’re big fans of fringe detail and wanted to explore how it could be incorporated in wedding fashion and decor. Fringe adds beautiful detail and movement to a wedding gown (and is super fun to dance in too). It can also be more subtlety included through a fringe inspired necklace or earring. Fringe also easily translates to wedding decor: chairs, guest book and signing tables and even wedding cakes.

Have a good rest of the week.


{ Images: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 }

2015 Wedding Trends

January 14th, 2015

We love looking out for the latest wedding trends and since it’s now 2015, we thought it would be the perfect time to share them with you. The great news is, we’re loving what we see; 2015 is going to be an amazing year of doing things just a little bit differently…

So here you have it, some of the hottest wedding elements trending into 2015:

1. Baroque influenced embroidered gowns like this one called ‘Beverly Hills’ from Naeem Khan with detachable tulle train.

2. Heavy metals are here to stay with copper, brass and bronze decor on the rise over silver and gold.

3. Linenless long wooden dinner tables are the perfect choice for family-style dining.

4. Bridesmaid dresses in neutral shades like white, ivory and beige in different styles.

5. Oversized bouquets with abundant greenery and large florals. The bigger the better.

6. Food trucks are making appearances at weddings during cocktail hour or to provide a late night snack.


Our Home & Native Brand

January 8th, 2015

If you’re Canadian, a yellow, red and green stripe only signifies one thing, or one brand in this case; Hudson’s Bay – Canada’s iconic department store.

The Hudson’s Bay blanket, probably one of the most sought after elements of their collection, is the piece we love the most and something that we feel brings a true element of Canadiana to a home or in this case, to a wedding or engagement shoot. We’d love to explore the notion of bringing in multiple elements of this iconic brand to create an aesthetic that not only speaks to the mountains and trees that surround us, but also packs a little punch. Surprisingly, our quest for wedding inspiration wound up a little short (see above), a sure fire sign that a styled shoot is in order.

Here’s to bringing true creative justice to our home and native brand!


{ Images: 1, 2, 3, 4 – source unknown }


January 6th, 2015

Looking for some wedding colour inspiration? Much like the fortified wine that gives marsala its name, this hue embodies the richness of a satisfying meal as well as emanating a sophisticated natural earthiness. Its full bodied qualities make for a great statement colour when used on its own or as a strong accent among other colours. Leatrice Eiseman, Executive Director of the Pantone Color Institute says “marsala is a subtly seductive shade, one that draws us in to its embracing warmth” so naturally it makes a great addition to any wedding colour palette. We love the bold impact that a marsala suit, a pair of wedding shoes or florals makes. It’s an impression that without a doubt is both unique and unforgettable.

Are you digging the new 2015 hue?


{ Images: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 }

Get Wedding Fit In Style

January 2nd, 2015

Happy new year everyone! We hope you all had a safe and happy holiday season.

If you’re a bride-to-be in 2015, or even if you’re not, you most likely have some sort of get-fit goal. Ahhh January, you’re such a positive month! Now, we’re no fitness experts so we aren’t going to be able to tell you how to get those six-pack abs, but we do know a little something about looking good while trying. Nothing inspires us to hit the gym more than a great outfit so we’ve rounded up some must haves for all of those 2015 brides out there. Keeping within our favourite colour scheme of black and white, these items are sure to help propel you to that goal line (follow image links below).

Here’s to a healthy 2015!


{ Images: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 }

Poppin’ Bottles

December 30th, 2014

We love a good glass of champagne as well as his more reasonably priced cousin, sparkling wine! We’re just about ready to ring in the new year and what better way to do it than with a big glass of bubbly in hand. In honour of tomorrow night’s festivities, we’ve lined up some mouth watering champagne cocktail ideas to get the party started.

1. Raspberry Pomegranate Champagne Cocktail: Sorbet and champagne is a match made in heaven!

2. Satsuma Sparkle: A refreshing cocktail for the citrus lover.

3. Grapefruit Mimosa: Who says mimosas are only reserved for the morning?

4. Ginger Pear Bellini: A unique twist on a tasty favourite.

Have a wonderful sparkling new year!


Christmas Tablescapes

December 18th, 2014

The best time of the year is just around the corner (one week around the corner to be exact), and that means festive tablescapes are in order. We’ve gathered a few that we think hit the mark. Some are more traditional and others take more of a modern approach. Whichever way you lean, we’re confident that one of these looks will compliment your style perfectly!

Happy decorating!


{ Images: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 }

Jennifer & Geoff

December 16th, 2014

These two love birds said their vows to each other at their university campus of UBC back in June.  Jennifer & Geoff’s wedding was filled with fresh pops of colour and a subtle travel theme, complete with passport program and table numbers named after countries the couple had visited together. We adored Jennifer’s beautiful tea-length dress, “something blue” accents and all the sweet details that they put together for their big day.



The Team:

Venue: Ceremony – UBC Rose Garden, Reception – Sage Bistro, Vancouver BC

Day-of Planning & Styling: Mandy Wong, Best Day Ever Creative Events

Photography: Whitney Krutzfeldt photography

Hair & Makeup: Mink

Cake: Le Gateau Bake Shop

Florist: Flower Factory

Stationery: Kayla English Creative 

DJ: Man About Town Entertainment

Ceremony Musicians: Musical Occasions

Officiant: Marilyn Knipp

Transportation: Ultimate Limo

Winter Wedding Signage

December 9th, 2014

Winter wedding season calls for fun winter decor and details topped up with perfectly suited signage. A hot chocolate bar is a must and so is a “baby it’s cold outside” chalkboard sign to go with it. We also love the idea of branding bride and groom gifts or a morning wedding latte with some fun winter wedding signage.  A blanket stand for your guests is a well appreciated courtesy on a cold winter day and makes a great winter decor feature and as far as we’re concerned, marquee signage is a guest favourite and is always in season!


{ Images: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 }

(faux) Fur Wedding Details

December 4th, 2014

Mix a hit of chilly weather with hint of Christmas in the air and you’ve got us dreaming up ways to stay cozy and create a cabin or chalet like aesthetic everywhere we go. Nothing accomplishes this  feeling quite like a little bit of fur. Perfect for a winter wedding or event, fur can can be incorporated into so many aspects of your decor. From shawls and boots to place mats, table runners, chair throws and even a bouquet wrap or cake base, fur does the trick every time. Oh, and don’t worry PETA, of course we’d opt for faux over real!


{ Images: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 }

Pinecone Details & Decor

December 1st, 2014

It adds a nice touch to include a little piece of nature to your wedding and event decor. Today’s post is dedicated to one of our fall and winter favourites, the pinecone. Perfectly fitting for a woodland wedding, the pinecone makes a natural place card holder and a striking rustic chandelier. Incorporate pinecones into your bouquets and boutonnieres for a unique detail and pair pinecones with florals to dress up a basic white cake.

What can we say, we love pinecones. Would you integrate them into your big day?


{ Images: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 }

Newlywed Swag

November 27th, 2014

A lot of newlyweds like to shout their brand new status from the rooftops! OK, not literally, but there is something awesome about being a Mrs. for the first time. We’ve gathered some stylish swag that’s perfect for the newlywed on your list, or as a little treat to yourself.


{ Images: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 – source unknown }

The Wedding Knot – 4 Ways

November 25th, 2014

When you plan to tie the knot, you might be contemplating another kind of knot…of the “mane” variety! Wedding knots are still very much on trend and we think they’re the perfect alternative to a fussy up-do. Incorporate a braid to modernize and add textural detail to the traditional bun or instead, opt for a simple top knot or soft low rolled bun or even a french twist (yep, they’re back!)

#hairgame on!

{ Images: 12, 3 – source unknown, 4 }

Amanda & Chris

November 20th, 2014

Remember that time we did the Best Day Ever Giveaway? Well, Amanda & Chris were our lucky winners, but in the end, it was us who lucked out (sappy, we know)! Amanda and Chris are such a beautiful couple both inside and out and it was an absolute pleasure going through the planning process with them and ultimately being there to bring the details and timeline together on the day. Can we just take a second to talk about how beautiful Amanda looked? #SmokeShow

The Team:

Venues: St. Joseph the WorkerThe Law Courts Inn

Day-of Planning & Styling: Best Day Ever Creative Events

Photography: Elle&R Photography

Videography: Orlando Carillo

Hair & Makeup: Kaitlin Hargreaves Makeup & Hair

Flowers: Floralista

Cake: When Pigs Fly Pastries

DJ: Fred Fernando


Katie & Andy

November 18th, 2014

We’re so excited to finally have photographs and stories to share from our 2014 wedding season! Katie & Andy’s wedding is near and dear to our hearts not just because it was our very first wedding of 2014 but also because it truly represented them as a couple. From the Beatles themed elements (a homage to Andy’s British roots) to chevron painted art prints and gold foil dinosaurs (a product of Katie’s craftiness and fun demeanour), their wedding was an eclectic mix of personalized details. We felt so honoured to have had a hand in pulling together all the final details for such a great couple during the month leading up and on the day.

The Beatles did say it best with, “All you need is love”. And well…a wedding planner never hurts either!



The Team:

Venue: Aberthau Mansion, Point Grey, Vancouver 

Day-of Planning & Styling: Best Day Ever Creative Events

Photography: Love Tree Photography

Hair: Shallynn Abbott 

Makeup: Nikki Dobsinsky

Bridal Bouquet: Whole Foods Florist

Catering: Big Feast Bistro & Catering

Rentals: Pedersen’s

Letter Balloons: Balloon Studio

DJ: Music Maestro

Officiant: Tina Stanley

Leather Details

November 13th, 2014

It’s always all about the details for us. As we’ve said a thousand times, we like to find a single hook, even if it’s something super simple, and weave it all the way through an event. Without being too themey, that hook becomes something that guests continue to see in the details over and over again and provides overall cohesion for the aesthetic.

Today we’re inspired by leather, simple material not often used as a wedding detail – did we mention we also like to think outside the box? We’ve explored a way in which leather can be incorporated in a really beautiful and subtle fashion without causing the event to lean towards either the rocker or western aesthetic.

Here’s to the details!

{ Images: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 }

Monochromatic Bouquets

November 10th, 2014

Sometimes a limited colour palette can go a long way and does this ever ring true with wedding bouquets. The monochromatic wedding bouquet is a rare beauty and we can’t help but love this look when done right. The key is choosing a selection of florals with colours of varying shades within same colour scheme, creating an impactful contrast that can’t be ignored.

Would you covet a bouquet like this on your wedding day? Hope your week is off to a great start.


{ Images: 1, 2 – source unknown, 3, 4 }

Long Sleeved Wedding Gowns

November 9th, 2014

With temperatures dropping, there’s a definite Fall chill in the air. Never advocates of freezing your you know what off, we’re dreaming of elegant, long sleeved wedding gowns. Now don’t be mistaken, these beauties aren’t second best to their sleeveless counterparts, we actually love this look as a first choice. It just so happens, this time of the year fits the look perfectly and as an added bonus, will keep you that much warmer on your big day!

If you’re not one for sleeves, check out our post on Boleros, Capes & Cover-ups to ward off the Fall/Winter chill.


{ Images: 1, 2, 3 – source unknown, 4 – source unknown, 5, 6 }

A Pop of Red

November 5th, 2014

Well it’s November which means Christmas is just right around the corner. Kidding!

No but really, as far as shopping malls and Starbucks are concerned it’s time to start getting into the holiday spirit, whether you like it or not. Today’s post is getting a little festive by adding splashes of red in unexpected places. We love a good pop of colour and red is a bold one especially when used in a wedding setting. Many shy away from it but when used sparingly it can be really beautiful. Add red florals to an otherwise neutral bouquet for gorgeously daring drama or opt for a colourful signature drink or painted bride and groom chairs. Unique boutonniere details are a Best Day Ever favourite and we’re also suckers for gigantic sugar flowers to top off an all-white wedding cake.

We hope you’re ready to get festive and love a red colour pop as much as we do.


{ images: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 }

Halloween Wedding Inspiration

October 30th, 2014

With Halloween just one short day away, we couldn’t help but post a little Halloween wedding inspiration. This spooky day may not be everyone’s first choice to celebrate their nuptials, but we think there’s huge potential to do something bold and mystical.

We’ve never been fans of the obvious so there’s no need for spook or gore to make their way into your celebration. We prefer playing off dark hues and luxe elements like gold to create a feeling that fits the occasion but doesn’t require pumpkins or cobwebs.

Would you opt for a Halloween wedding?


{ images: 1 – source unknown, 2, 3, 4 – source unknown, 5, 6, 7, 8 }

All You Need Is Love

October 28th, 2014

They say that all you need is love…so how could you turn down a giant love sign at your wedding? It’s a trend that’s been on the rise over the last year and is certainly not going away anytime soon. From wood, to marquee lights to balloons, an oversized love sign creates a bold, modern ceremony or reception feature and can be worked into many different decor schemes. We’re pretty sure live love signs are the next big thing. Start with cardboard letter shapes and let a florist work their skills to add live green turf and even florals to match your bouquet or centrepieces.

Have yourself a lovely day!


{ Images: 1, 2 – source unknown, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 }

10 No-Carve Pumpkin Decorating Ideas

October 23rd, 2014

It’s pumpkin time, and that means outdoing your neighbours with the most beautiful of pumpkin creations; well…at least it does for us! But let’s be honest, who likes the tedious gutting and carving process unless it’s to fill them with beautiful florals or succulents (OK, probably a lot of you)? Regardless, we’ve rounded up 10 no-carve pumpkin decorating ideas that will make your front step the most envied of all.

1) Push Pin Pumpkins

2) Donut Pumpkins

3) Succulent Filled Pumpkins

4) Chevron Pumpkins

5) Tulle & Ribbon Pumpkins

6) Sequin Pumpkins

7) Sharpie Owl Pumpkins

8) Mummy Pumpkins

9) Painted Pumpkins

10) Glitter Pumpkins

Happy decorating!


{ Images: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 – source unknown, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 }

To Toss or Not to Toss

October 20th, 2014

We get asked this a lot, “should I be throwing the bouquet?” and “should we do a garter toss? That’s the traditional thing to do right?” We always tell our brides and grooms the same thing, only embrace the traditions that feel like you. So while you’re pondering the question of whether to toss or not to toss, you might be wondering where these traditions came from in the first place.

Tossing the bouquet and garter are traditions that actually stem from England. The bride was considered to be a good luck charm and wedding guests believed that having a piece of the bride’s clothing would bring good luck. They used to try to rip pieces of the bride’s dress in order to obtain some of her good fortune. This obviously did not sit well with the bride, so she began throwing various items to the guests; her garter and her bouquet being two of them. Today, the bouquet is tossed to single women and the garter to single men, with the belief that whoever catches them will be the next to marry. Pretty interesting eh?

For more background on our crazy wedding traditions check this post out. To toss or not to toss…what do you prefer?


{ Image: 1 }

Chalkboard Cakes

October 19th, 2014

We all know chalkboards have become a standard wedding decor item. Used to welcome guests, as directional signage, to indicate your signature drink or hashtag, the possibilities are endless. But chalkboard cakes? Trend alert, these puppies are upon us in a big way! We love how they create a canvas for amazing illustration and design but most importantly, they’re just so darn cool looking. Whether used as a surface for the entire cake, or simply a portion for the inclusion of a hand drawn monogram, we can’t get enough.


{ Images: 1, 2, 3, 4 }


A Fall Twist On The Signature Cocktail

October 15th, 2014

We love ourselves a signature cocktail and don’t believe this trend should ever get neglected in the Fall and Winer wedding months. A signature cocktail adds fun and personality to your event and there’s always a way to reinvent your fave summer cocktails to make them more Fall oriented. Here are just a few mouthwatering recipes to get your started.

1. Tequila cocktail with rosemary & blackberries 

2. Cranberry white wine punch

3. Apple cider sangria

4. Blackberry thyme sparkler

Which signature cocktail is your flavour?


Wedding Flowers By Season

October 9th, 2014

One of the most useful things to know when planning your wedding and keeping budget top of mind is what flowers are in season when. For most brides, flowers are a must and the cost can definitely add up, especially if you’re pining over Summer flowers for a Winter wedding. Knowing what’s in season can help keep costs at bay. Here’s a quick run down:


  • Dahlia
  • Hydrangea


  • Calla Lily
  • Daffodil
  • Hyacinth
  • Ranunculus
  • Tulip


  • Calla Lily
  • Daffodil
  • Hyacinth
  • Lily
  • Lily of the Valley
  • Peony
  • Ranunculus
  • Tulip
  • Anemone


  • Dahlia
  • Gardenia
  • Hydrangea
  • Lily
  • Poppy


  • Gerbera Daisy
  • Orchid
  • Rose
  • Stephanotis


{ Images: 1, 2, 3, 4 }

Will You Be My MOH?

October 7th, 2014

Being asked to be a MOH or a bridesmaid is a very special moment that shows just how much you’re appreciated by the bride. And, if you’re a bride that loves a reason to celebrate, why not add another occasion to the pre-wedding festivity mix and organize a day to pop the big question to your future MOH or wedding party to be.

As wedding planners who are always looking for new ways to customize ‘the big day’ for our brides and grooms, we love personalization. Needless to say, when we came across Tiny Print’s collection of customizable stationery, gifts and decor, we became inspired with possibilities. We’ve rounded up a few of our favourite gifts, perfectly suited for brides looking to give their MOH to be something personal that she’ll crack a smile over.

1. Will You Be My Maid of Honor Card: Designed by Tallu-lah Greetings for sister company Treat by Shutterfly, this piece comes as a 5″ x 7″ printed card and is also available in digital format.

2. Vibrant Diamond Wave Custom Pillow: This geometric beauty from the Tiny Prints new home decor line makes a great monogramed piece for the home or can be personalized with a note or your MOH’s nickname. It’s also available in four other eye-catching colour schemes.

3. Dazzling Pattern Gunmetal Personal Stationery: A fun suite by Pinkerton Design for Tiny Prints, this 5.25″ x 4.10″ card set also has matching address labels.

If you’re a bride planning the big ask, don’t forget to personalize it!


Chicken or Beef?

October 2nd, 2014

Often times, if you’ve opted for a plated dinner at your reception, the venue will require that your guests predetermine what they’re going to eat so that you can provide them with exact numbers for each type of entree. As ridiculous as it sounds to make the conscious decision that you’re going to eat chicken on a specified date one year from now, sometimes it’s simply necessary.

The next dilemma couples face is how to indicate these choices so that servers know what dish to place in front of each guest on the day. We like to use escort or placecards for this purpose as that way, they can do double duty! Here are a few different ways to indicate food choices:

1) Words – Simply write the guest’s choice on their escort or placecard so that it’s easy for servers to see/read.

2) Colour Code – Use different colours to signify food choices and communicate them to your venue. For example, blue means chicken, pink means beef, etc.

3) Icons – We love using symbols of the actual animal to indicate choice. Use a cow to symbolize beef and so on.

4) Patterns – Like colour, patterns can be used in a similar way. Just remember to let you venue know what means what.

And there you have it. Suddenly, choosing to each fish next August has become that much less daunting!


{ Images: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 }

Edible Favours

September 30th, 2014

Edible favours are a win-win as far as we’re concerned. They’re one of the most useful favours you can give, and your wedding guests will agree as they savour the deliciousness. We’ve rounded up some of our favourite edible wedding favours that we think will delight guests and the bonus is that most of these are relatively easy to execute too.

1. Kernels in a jar – to thank your guests for ‘popping’ by

2. Pie pops – because everyone appreciates a mini pie on a stick

3. Mint tin – a breathe of fresh air for later in the night

4. Mini champs – a tiny bottle of bubbly to celebrate the festivities

5. Macarons – beautifully wrapped and almost too gorgeous to eat

6. Takeaway wedding cake – because cake for breakfast is always a good idea


Modern Fall Tablescapes

September 25th, 2014

Fall is such an exciting time of year. We love that it serves as the kickoff to holiday season and with that, many an opportunity to create kick ass tablescapes. With Thanksgiving first up on the roster, we’ve started thinking about modern twists on the traditional holiday. Try bringing unexpected patterns and colours to the table, and if you’re going to use pumpkins, spray them, use them as flower vessels, or go totally crazy and do both (like we did last Fall)!


{ Images: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 }

Fall Leaf Decor

September 23rd, 2014

We’ll it’s officially Fall and while we can’t say that we’re looking forward to much cooler days ahead in Vancouver, there are still many endearing qualities about Fall that we love.

One of our favourites are the gorgeous leaves that Fall brings and how they can be brought to wedding decor.

We adore this rich jewel toned leaf bouquet and are in even more awe over this leafy foliage headpiece. Gold leaf place cards are a favourite go-to that are super simple to pull off and for the more adventurous crafter, we can’t get enough of this mod podge leaf centrepiece.

We hope you fall in love with leaf decor as much as we have.

Happy first day of Fall!


{ Images:  1, 2, 3, 4 – source unknown }

Moment Meal – In Photographs

September 18th, 2014

Pop-up Shop Concept: Anita Cheung – Moment

Photography: Jourdan Tymkow

Dinner: Jennifer Trecartin – My Edible Advice

Produce provided by: SPUD

Salads provided by: Culver City Salads

Table Concept/Decor Styling: Best Day Ever Creative Events

Florals: Celsia Floral

Decor Rentals: DeLovely Creative & Pedersen’s


Ceremony Chair Florals

September 15th, 2014

Adding florals to simple ceremony seating is a great way to personalize your chairs and define the ceremony aisle.

We’re all over draping lush greenery for a beautiful less fussy look and also love the simplicity and clean lines of fresh florals hanging from a chair in a clear vase or mason jar.

From chiavari and cross-back vineyard chairs to simple wooden or aluminum folding chairs, we say that florals work on them all.

Hope you’re having a great start to the week.


{ Images:  1, 2, 3, 4 }

A Pallet To Fall For

September 11th, 2014

Trust us, we love an ivory and blush colour pallet as much as the next person but it’s almost Fall people and we’re excited for something a little bolder. We’ve got deep plum, berry and oxblood on the brain and can’t get enough of these sultry hues. If you’re still loving the lighter tones, try pairing these Fall favourites with shades of peach and light pinks for a winning combination. Brides, don’t forget to add a bold lip to your look, it’ll be the icing on the cake!

Is this a look you could fall for?


{ Images:  1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 }

Fruitful Bouquets

September 9th, 2014

This isn’t the first time we’ve talked about infusing fruit into your wedding decor, and it certainly isn’t the last!

Fruitful bouquets are so fun for summer and equally as beautiful for fall weddings too. There’s nothing like seasonal fruit to festively tie in the time of year that you’re getting married in. Fruit works so well intermixed with traditional florals and sometimes the most unlikely fruit combinations work so perfectly together in a bouquet.

From lemons, tomatoes, pomegranates and artichokes to apples, figs and blackberries, skies the limit when it comes to fruitful bouquets.

So, If you’re planning out florals for your wedding or upcoming event, perhaps think past florals, but not too far from the fruit bowl!

If you dig this post and want to explore more fruitful decor, check out our past post, Fruit & The Groom.


{ Images: 1, 2, 34, 5, 6, 7 }

Blue & White China Inspired

September 4th, 2014

We talk all the time about choosing a hook and running with it to tie your event decor together from beginning to end. Today, we’ve chosen a classic print, blue and white china, as our inspirational hook.

We love how fresh a blue and white pallet is and how classic, yet bold it is to tie in a china pattern. From dishware to vases, stationery, cake design and even the dress, this look can be incorporated subtly or with as much impact as you like. If done right, your guests will be both surprised and impressed by this classic twist on wedding aesthetic.


{ Images: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 – source unknown }

Bud Love

September 2nd, 2014

A gorgeous table centrepiece doesn’t necessarily require a ton of flowers. Single blooms can be equally as beautiful and sometimes even fit the bill better when trying to create a vintage or mod aesthetic.

Clear glass paired with blush coloured roses and wood with gold accents creates a simple rustic elegant vibe where as coloured glass paired with vibrant dahlias or ranunculus creates a punchy retro look.

If ceramics are more your style, up-cycled tea cups are perfect holders for single blooms, especially garden roses and peonies. Or assorted white ceramic vases are a great alternative too!

Hope you’ve had a great long weekend – happy Tuesday!


{ Images: 1, 2, 3 – source unknown, 4, 5 – source unknown, 6 }

Understated Wedding Gowns

August 28th, 2014

In the last several years, the understated gown trend has become a wedding fashion stronghold!

From the cropped gauzy tea-length and the ethereal sheath gown to the tulle skirt paired with a simple tee, there are so many ways to do understated.

Sure encrusted crystal beading and hand-set lace can be beautiful, but sometimes shaking it up with the most simple of silhouettes can be surprisingly stunning too.

We like this look especially when it’s tailored to the bride’s overall style and the event venue. What’s your take on the understated wedding gown trend?


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August 26th, 2014
MOMENTMEAL_final copy 2

If you’ve been following along through Facebook/Twitter/Instagram, you may have seen us mention our upcoming participation in MOMENT Meal, a long table dinner dedicated to mindfulness.

MOMENT Meal will be one day of a week-long pop-up (Sept 9 – 12) by Anita Cheung called MOMENT which aims to make mindful meditation simple and accessible. The pop-up will take place at the Chinatown Experiment which is a storefront that aims to provide anyone with an idea and the desire to bring it to life with the opportunity to make it happen.

We are so excited to be creating and styling the table concept for MOMENT Meal and are in the process of gathering ideas and inspiration for our execution. The dinner will be a four course meal by My Edible Advice, Culver City Salads and Spud, so it’s guaranteed to be delicious! This will be an amazing culinary experience with no cell phones and no distractions, just good food and good people. Grab your tickets!

We can’t wait to see it all come together.


Cascading Bouquets

August 19th, 2014

It’s out with fussy symmetrical bouquets and in with loose florals, that embody movement and take on their own unique shape. We’re so happy to see florals getting a little bit wild out there and have especially fallen for one trend in particular; the cascading bouquet.

With effortless appeal and intricacy in design, it’s hard not to fall hard for these floral beauties

We hope this inspires some unique florals in your future.


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Mid-Century Modern Wedding Inspiration

August 14th, 2014

Who doesn’t love a little Mid-Century Modern style? We certainly do, and today we’re bringing you some inspiration to help create an oh so hip wedding look that is true to this era.

Elements to think about incorporating are graphic invites, bucket chairs, a tea length wedding dress, t-strap pumps and lots of colour! Mid-Century Modern style lends itself towards clean lines, gentle organic curves and a love for different materials such as plastic, wood, metal, vinyl, glass and lucite.

What do you think about taking a trip back in time for your big day?


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Nature Takes Its Place

August 12th, 2014

Sometimes the best ideas are found in nature, and your wedding place setting is no exception! It’s an easy solution, creative and will have your guests raving…what’s there not to love? Think twigs, pinecones, acorns, succulents, a sprig of herbs, shells and event fruit. Natural decor is perfect for an outdoor terrace or backyard wedding and can even work in an indoor space to add rustic elegance. If you dig creative place settings check out our May post. Or, have at look at some unique place card ideas from our July 2013 post.

Happy Tuesday and please don’t ignore the beauty in nature!


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Black Wedding Cakes

August 7th, 2014

You heard it here first (or at least we like to think so), black cakes are the next big thing! Once reserved only for spooky occasions such as Halloween, black cakes are now making their way into the wedding world and they don’t disappoint! There is something so bold and fashion forward about them and we just can’t get enough. Expect to see them popping up more and more in styled shoots this year and making a splash at weddings everywhere in 2015.

You know what they say…once you go black…


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Down By The Sea

August 5th, 2014

Perfectly suited for an outdoor wedding set against an ocean, river, lake (or any large body of water for that matter), is sea themed decor! It’s soothing and refreshing to the eyes and can go from casual to opulent in terms of styling. Think shells with sheen and agate rocks, driftwood accents, and blue watercolour stationery to mimic the colour and texture of the beautiful ocean.

We hope you think about taking your wedding down by the sea!


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Suspended Wedding Cakes

July 31st, 2014

We’re usually pretty sure about most trends we share on our blog, but we haven’t quite decided whether or not we love this one yet. Suspended wedding cakes, also known as chandelier cakes if they’re hung upside down, are becoming all the rage.

We love the drama and talking point that they create but aren’t sure if this would have guests talking about what a cool idea it is or how obscured it looks to have your cake swinging in the middle of the room. And an upside down cake…that would sure make for an interesting cake cutting moment!


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Wedding Canopies

July 29th, 2014

Glamorous and ethereal are two words that come to mind when thinking about dream canopies. In the event of a wedding there are various lovely applications to incorporate wedding canopies: As a Chuppah (Huppah) at the ceremony altar, tent for reception or unique space for cocktail hour.

We love the idea of dressing up a basic reception tent with a canopy installation of hanging greenery or florals or adding unique floral design to a simple ceremony arbour. If a boho wedding is more your style, we adore the idea of constructing a ceremony arbour canopy using stakes, a quilt and 60s inspired printed fabric. If your reception tent is more for fashion than function, perhaps opt for draped fabric over the traditional tent structure to create a canopy of bunting or a pinwheel effect.

Hope you’re having a great start to the week!


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Palm Decor

July 24th, 2014

If you live in Vancouver, you know that the weather these past few days has been less than stellar. What happened to Summer people?!

Dreaming of warmer climes, we’ve put together some inspiration for incorporating palms into your wedding decor, without going tacky tropical. This look works especially well if you’re getting married somewhere like Palm Springs (get it, ‘Palm’ Springs?) or Hawaii. We suggest accenting a modern or mid century modern decor aesthetic with palm fonds as greenery. They can either replace florals completely or be used in conjunction. We like them solo!

Here’s to sunshine and palm trees. May you be in our future!


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Camp Wedding

July 22nd, 2014

Why settle for a wedding day when you can have a wedding weekend? If you’re opting for a Summer wedding and you love the great outdoors, then you might just get hooked on the idea of a camp wedding! Leave any refined decor behind and be sure to play up the rustic surroundings. Trade in your flower vases for recycled glass bottles and jars and make use of wildflowers and branches to create your floral centrepieces. Don’t forget to top your cake with a camp themed cake topper. We think this camp themed wood etched one is the perfect fit!

Camp your heart out!


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All White Everything

July 18th, 2014

What’s your colour scheme? This is one of the most common questions a bride is asked while planning her wedding. One of our favourite schemes? No colours at all! That’s right, an all white wedding is one of the most beautiful pallets we can think of.

White is so fresh, airy and elegant, we can’t even stand it. And it makes one hell of a statement when used solo! So the next time you’re trying to think of the perfect colour combination, look no further than white. We put that shit on everything!


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Wild West Wedding

July 15th, 2014

If you’re drawn to the idea of a wedding set in the countryside or on a farm, then a wild west wedding may just fit the bill! Think rugged, combined with just the right amount of chic and you’ve got style fit for the west. Find yourself a saloon-like venue and utilize shabby western inspired decor elements like terracotta vases, a wooden wagon wheel and tin vintage signs. Don’t stop at decor, bride and bridesmaid style should not be neglected here. Opt for fun western hats or boots – there’s no denying they’ll also make great photo props or add subtle western flair through adding an unexpected statement necklace.

We think this is, without a doubt, how the west was won!


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Pool Party

July 9th, 2014

When it’s nearly 30 degrees in Vancouver, it’s hard not to have sunshine and pool parties on the brain! We love the idea of situating the pre wedding festivities, like a bridal shower, stagette or rehearsal dinner, poolside. Or, maybe you just want a good excuse to gather with friends, sip some sangria and soak up some rays. Whatever the case, pool parties warrant a signature drink, fun snacks, lots of pool floaties and bright colours galore!

Here’s to a sunny work week & daydreaming of pool parties!


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Little Bohemia

July 2nd, 2014

It’s out with castles and in with teepees! For Issue VI of The Refinery Magazine, we decided to bring the boho to flower girl style. Now obviously not everyone has a ‘boho’ wedding aesthetic, but we love a simple, natural and free-spirited flower girl look and think that it can be incorporated into just about any wedding, teepee or no teepee.

Vasia Weddings scouted out the perfect location in Vancouver to set-up our shoot vignette; right under a blooming white cherry tree and beside a hand-made swing that we knew the flower girls, Echo & Farah could have some fun with. Dushan Flowers brought delicate greenery crowns and mini bouquets, designed to scale and dressed up our DIY teepee with a gorgeous garland of greenery and coral & white roses.

Echo & Farah wore simple cotton eyelet dresses from The Gap to create a carefree yet pretty look without any added fru fru. Cake by Nicole provided a mini naked cake which added to our boho decor, not to mention, made a yummy post-shoot snack. Toby the pug was a great sport and undeniably topped off the cuteness in this shoot.

Check out the complete feature here, and let us know what you think. We’d love to hear from you!

The Team:

Planning & Styling: Best Day Ever Creative Events

Photography: Vasia Weddings 

Bouquets, Crowns, Dog Collar & Teepee Garland: Dushan Flowers 

Cake: Cake by Nicole

Dresses: The Gap, eyelet flutter dress & crochet eyelet tank dress

Moccasins & Dreamcatcher: Wickaninnish Gallery

Decor: West Elm, Urban Barn, Chapters and Ikea

Models: Echo, Farah & Toby (yes, this pug has his own Instagram account)

Canada Day, Eh?

June 26th, 2014

This one is for all our Canadian friends out there who will hopefully be celebrating the birthday of our home and native land next Tuesday! We hope you’ve either been invited to a bash or are throwing one yourself and wanted to provide you with a little inspiration that should help you envision red and white in the best way possible.

We suggest keeping things casual and outdoors. Opt for things that are quintessentially Canadiana; like poutine, moose, and of course the maple leaf! Use red and white in your decor but also inject it into your food and drinks for that extra splash of patriotism.

Here’s to planning a good time for friends and family, eh!


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Shut the front door

June 24th, 2014

Doors are an impactful way to take your decor to the next level! They make a fantastic standalone piece to mark the entrance to your outdoor ceremony or reception. Not only that, they also make a great ceremony backdrop and for an added bang, can be dressed up with vines, florals or both. We also love the idea of upcycling an old vintage door as a backer for a seating chart or escort cards.

We hope to see lots of door decor!


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Pallet Decor

June 19th, 2014

Thinking of adding an element of rustic or industrial to your wedding or event decor? Pallets are the perfect ‘one man’s junk’ solution. Use them as a ceremony backdrop or platform adorned with flowers, a photo booth backdrop or blanket holder for an outdoor soiree, an escort card display, or topped with cushions as guest seating. The possibilities for pallet decor are endless and we can guarantee they’ll have your guests talking…in a good way!


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Lacy Details

June 17th, 2014

As sweet and delicate as lace can be, it looks great juxtaposed against modern wedding decor just as much as it does paired with a vintage rustic look. Lacy details make for a gorgeous ethereal focal point in the room and also add pretty detailing to smaller individual items, such as candles or mason jars on guest dinner tables, stationery or even a wedding cake.

Let’s get lacy!


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Father’s Day Printables

June 12th, 2014

It’s Father’s Day this Sunday! We know you love your Dads, and we’re sure you’ve probably got a kick ass gift already wrapped and ready to go, but in case you don’t, we’ve rounded up some pretty cool printables which will help you create a custom gift that will really make his day.

You’re welcome in advance. Happy celebrating!


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Love & Lavender

June 10th, 2014

Love is an understatement! We’ve been fairly infatuated obsessed with lavender lately and so this lavender inspiration board was basically inevitable. There’s just something so effortlessly beautiful about lavender that makes you believe that sometimes less is really more. A bouquet of lavender may seem too basic for a wedding, but we can’t get enough of this gorgeous simplicity. We love the idea of arranging lavender in glass jars, milk bottles and vases to create a dreamy centrepiece. Better yet, add unexpected sprigs of lavender to your decor to finish off a chair sash, add a pop of colour to your cake or adorn a simple place card.

Would you covet lavender for your big day?


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Creative Candle Light

June 5th, 2014

Candles are an obvious way to add ambiance and a little romance to your decor, but most of the time, they’re reserved for the table. We encourage you to think past table decor and explore using candle light in less obvious ways to create an inexpensive look that will wow your guests when the sun goes down.

Think candle lit glass bubbles hanging from tree branches, a ceremony aisle or path lined with flickering light, a fireplace mantle adorned to create a stunning focal point, or a beautiful design laid out on the lawn that will cause jaws to drop. Whatever you decide to do with them we know will be amazing, just remember to make sure someone is watching over those flames!


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Sky High Decor

June 3rd, 2014

Sometimes the most impactful decor is well…sky high! Ceiling decor is a great way to transform a room and really make a space your own. Lavender wisteria (a flower meant for hanging) looks amazing paired with glowing white lanterns and hanged high above it all. Draping a white sheet or a multitude of colourful ribbon across the ceiling creates a striking linear statement. Alternately a greenery chandelier or array of  hanging floral and petal garlands are a unique ‘live’ alternative to traditional decor. Or, layering paper pom poms at different heights in the centre of the ceiling, creates a fun colourful focal point to dance the night away under.

Sky’s the limit!


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When Life Gives You Lemons

May 29th, 2014

When life gives you lemons, use them as decor! We love the fresh, summery look of incorporating lemons into your wedding aesthetic. We think they work best in combination with greenery and a lot of white. The best part is that they’re a super cost effective option!


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Ruffle It Up

May 26th, 2014

They’re fancy, frilly, a little frou frou and most definitely a lot of fun! We’re talking about ruffles and some of the unexpected ways they can be incorporated into a wedding. Dress up a basic chiavari chair with an ethereal ruffled overlay or opt for a ruffled wedding cake that adds understated elegant detailing. Create a unique ceremony backdrop or reception focal point with ruffled streamers hanging from the ceiling. If ruffled decor isn’t your thing you may want to think about ruffling up that wedding dress for a bold ceremony entrance.

If you want ’em, ruffles are ready for the party!


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Not Your Average Place Setting

May 22nd, 2014

We like to think of place settings at a wedding or event as spaces, not only where you tie in your decor or theme, but where you create special individual ‘nooks’ for the people you love. They are the place where each person will spend most of their time during your event and an opportunity not only wow them, but to make them feel important. Of course, we would never opt for boring when designing a place setting, and you shouldn’t either. We’ve rounded up some settings that take the attention to detail factor up a notch and really create meaningful spaces.


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Battle of the Bunting

May 20th, 2014

Hope you’ve enjoyed some rest and relaxation over the weekend (it was a nice long one for us in Canada).

Bunting is a fairly pervasive decor element used for both parties and weddings and I think we can all agree that it adds a fun, playful vibe to any event. But, if you’ve ever perused Pinterest for it, the variety of applications for bunting and the plethora of materials used to craft it will blow your mind! Traditional bunting can be strung across the ceiling at your event or in front of the head table or dessert table to create unique detailing. Bunting also makes for a great cake topper and can easily do the duty of a table number when incorporated into a guest table centrepiece. Tassel bunting is a unique approach to bunting and adds a more whimsy aesthetic or doily bunting is another great alternative to the standard triangular bunting and fits right into the ever popular vintage, shabby chic wedding decor.

What kind of bunting do you prefer?


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Tassels For Days

May 16th, 2014

You’ve heard us talk about choosing elements that you can carry throughout your decor without creating an overly ‘themey’ event. By now, you’re familiar with the beloved tassel, and although it’s been used quite a bit over the last couple of years, we still love it. Tassels are bright, fun and playful and inject just the right amount of personality into decor. They also have endless possibilities for use! Use them as a cake topper, favour adornment, balloon fringe, bouquet or runner tie or simply as an eye catching room detail. The best part? They are an easy DIY and an inexpensive option that definitely pack some punch!

Happy Friday and happy long weekend to all of our Canadian friends!


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Patterns With Punch

May 13th, 2014

We love incorporating bold patterns into wedding and event decor, and stationery is no exception!

Today we’ve rounded up some of our favourite stationery suites that embrace bold patterns in a big way. Whether you’re coveting stripes, polka dots, florals, geometrics or even animal print, there’s always an application to incorporate your pattern within your overall stationery package. Go for an all over pattern for optimal punch or use your pattern more sparingly as a border or on your envelope liners.

Hope you’re feeling inspired!


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Creative Cake Displays

May 8th, 2014

Why simply display your wedding cake on a boring old table and cake stand when you can create an eye catching focal point? We’ve rounded up some creative cake displays that do an awesome job of threading the decor theme and aesthetic through all elements of the event, including where the cake sits. From a bookshelf, to a mantle to antique bar stools and beyond, the possibilities are endless!

Happy displaying!


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Backyard Affair

May 6th, 2014

Sometimes the best ideas, are in your own backyard…literally!

Intimate, romantic and fun are all words that come to mind when we think of backyard weddings and playing off your surroundings to create this vibe, is key! Trees make the perfect avenue to hang lights, paper garlands, balloons, chandeliers and even draped fabric which helps create a romantic, ethereal atmosphere for your event. We also love the idea of embracing outdoor elements for table decor or even as functional decor like utilizing tree stumps as extra seating. Vintage elements always look great juxtaposed against a natural green setting, think vintage doors, crates, thrifted antiques or even old family heirlooms; to add a personal touch.

Have the best Tuesday!


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Feather Details

May 2nd, 2014

Without being too ‘themey’, it’s great to have a constant hook or element that is integrated throughout your decor. We love the idea of taking something as simple and beautiful as a feather and weaving it through multiple aspects of your event. Feathers are simple, inexpensive and add a bit of a dreamy, whimsical aesthetic.

They can be incorporated anywhere from the dress and shoes to bouquets, boutonnieres, place settings, escort cards, cakes and to room details such as the aisle, chairs and hanging elements. Whether dipped in gold and sparkles or left au naturel, we think the feather is a spot on wedding element.

Wishing you all a wonderful weekend!


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